At Hopcity, we strive towards creating a memorable trip. Our travel loving team try every tour and based on their experiences improvise our tours as and when required. Being travel enthusiasts, we understand the value of a good, enjoyable travel and hence we take care of every tour in the best possible way.

With Hopcity tours, we present exciting range of things to do and see in various popular tourist destinations across India.

Handpicked Tours and Activities

Pick a tour and experience comfort of a planned travel.

Our travel experts’ years of dedication and hard-work have gone into creating an array of unique city tours. As no one knows a place better than a local resident, our team of local travel experts have created specialised tour packages for their specific destinations.

Tour packages are created using their in-depth knowledge of the city, its hidden treasures and best locations, ensuring an unforgettable experience for everyone.

Personalized reviews and photos

A recommendation from someone who has already traveled, a review from the experienced always helps. Isn’t it?

We at Hopcity bring to you genuine reviews from travelers. As we cannot be everywhere at every time, we bring in latest updates about a city or an attraction and activity through the reviews by someone who has experienced it. Have a look at what our travelers have to say and share about a particular destination and a tour.

VIP Treatment

Hopcity team ensure that your tour is as special as you are! What can be more special that getting a VIP treatment?

Our VIP tours promise nothing less than royal treatment to the travellers. With no queues and no waiting, we offer hassle free and comfortable tours in VIP style. Experience the luxury and ease of our VIP Tours.

Best Price Assured

A tour of your choice at a price you like?

Hopcity offer best of the city tours at affordable cost. We have amazing city tour choices for various popular destinations at exciting cheap rates. With us by your side, you need not empty your wallet to experience the best of a destination.

Explore the city in the way you want to without having to worry about the cost.

24/7 Personalized Assistance

We take pride in making your tour stress free.

Our team is always available for our customers. Call us or email us at anytime and we will get back you immediately. Whether you want a suggestion about an acidity to do or the best place to eat, whether you want to make changes to your tour package or just book a city tour with your, we are ready to assist you at all the time.

Easy, Anywhere, Anytime  

We have made exploring a destination much easier and simpler.

You can choose what you want to see, what to want to do at a particular pace and how you want to do at Hopcity.

Whether you want to pre-book your tour or opt for a last minute trip, whether you want to explore a city through our comprehensively 72 hours tour or just want to sightseeing popular attraction in half a day tour package, there are many options to choose from. Plan your trip without compromising on your work or time.